Young Adult Rental & Home Ownership Training

Designed to Build Essential Housing Skills which will aid the Transitioning Youth into a Functional and Productive Independence

Time Frame of Training: 6 to 8 weeks

Client Eligibility Criteria
Training is intended for the following Department of Human Services (DHS) Clients:
  • Young Adult Foster Care, SIL (Supervised Independent Living) and Closed Case clients: Age 18 to 21, who are eligible for YIT (Youth in Transition) Funds.
  • Clients who are preparing to make a transition from Foster Care to Independence.
  • Clients who are primarily self-supporting and maintaining an independent household.
  • Clients who have been in an eligible foster care of non-secure delinquency placement at age 14 or older, but who are no longer under court ordered DHS care and supervision.
Eligible Clients: Clients who placements included, Licensed Foster Care Homes, Group Homes, and Emergency Shelters.

The Program

Phase: 1

  • Pre Test
  • Funds/ How to maximize your money/ MYOI, ETV, Financial Aid Funds
  • Money Management
  • Review

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